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Spline Terrain 2D

2D Tools for boosting the productivity and quality of your scenarios

Great tools, great results

Unity has some general purpose 2D tools, but the project quickly becomes too big to be handled and too slow to adapt to changes.

Spline Terrain 2D gives you the flexibility, the control and productivity of your dreams to create gorgeous 2D experiences in seconds.

Everything Works together

The synergy between components gives you the best management control you need for 2D world creation in projects of any scale on any platform.

The components can be shared between scenes, keeping all the project up to date instantly

The purpose of these tools is to minimize the time of creating, testing, decorating and maintaining 2D environments.

The next level of 2D scenario development

2D tools designed to work together seamlessly.

Terrain 2D

Specially designed to create the essencials of terrains. Perfect for interior and exterior ambiences. 
Allows custom materials, shaders, lights, vertex color.
Everything defined at material level and updates immediately all terrains in scene.

Decorator  2D

Instantiate thousands of assets along the Spline or Terrain2D with perfect order with simple and powerful control.

Use any Sprite, Prefab, GameObject, Asset, Lights, Cameras, Animations, characters, physics objects, etc.
Reusable between scenes and projects.

Water 2D

Create a fluid surfaces simulations instantly along any spline,  
Highly customizable, extendable and compatible with Effectors 2D and Events.
Reusable between scenes and projects.

Additional tools 

Includes Spline Texture, Quick decorator, Spline Traverser,  Line Renderer and simple tools that helps you with smaller tasks.

Recent updates:


improved Spline UI

UI and scene handles improved for a more comfortable and explicit experience


Morphing corners

Optionally, the corner sprites can be morphed to allign with the neighbouring sides.

On next update:

I keep adding tools and features that can be useful in multiple situations.
If you have any suggestion or idea you would like to see implented, just let me know and I will start to work on it.

Infinite Terrain helper


Scene Manager




Easy UI

Simplified UI with Intuitive controls. No extra windows, everything in inspector.

Time saving

Instantly add, replace, or delete all the graphics and physics from the scene in a single place. 

Ensures every element is always up to date.  


Materials and styles can be shared between scenes and projects and components can be combined with each other.


Code designed to be extended. Provides access to all the functionality.
Create your own spline handlers easily.

     Tell me about features you would love to see for your project,  anything you think could improve this tool or problems you encounter. I will do my best to make it work. Complainings and suggestions are more than welcome. I am here to help and try to give you the best experience I can. Contact me

Kolibri2d - 2020         Extra art by : ASKA animation , Freepik & Unity Asset store