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Additional Tools

Spline Texture
Quick Decorator
Spline Walker
Architecture Angles


Spline Texture

Warps and repeats a texture along the spline.

Optionally:  can instantiate 1 object at the beginning and 1 object at the end of the spline.

Size and width of textures and objects are handled as a single element.


Quick decorator

Similar to Spline Decorator:
Instantiates objects along a spline, but does not require the use of Decoration Material.

Intented to be used for situational elements.


Terrain2D Architectures

Spline modifiers (like terrain or decorator) first asks to the architecture which part of the spline is ground and which is wall. This way the appearance and settings of the whole scene can be easily modified independently of the Materials2D.

For selected spline controls aspect like exterior and interior, and also contains the architecture angles. 

Architecture Angles

It defines the angles for what is GROUND and what is WALL and CEILING.
By changing this rules of angles, it modifies how Terrains and Decorators applies to the spline

 (Therefore also physics and Colliders/Triggers and instantiated assets)

Even doe is not necesary, there could be multiple reasons:

1) To adapt the physics and art to the project.
It ensures all your art and physics in t he project is used exactly  the way you want.

2) To enhace an homogeneous architecture in your game , enhancing a consistant visual style.
- Any surface with an angle higher than > 70° is considered a wall.

3) To create different output from existant materials. 
This is a great use, btw, if you have a material and want something similar but slightly different, creating architectures is an easy and smart solution.

- everything is ground
- use same style, but do not create anything on walls
- I want the walls to behave like grounds

Ground Angle:
0- 90 degrees: the maximum steep for a Ground before is considered a wall.

Ceiling Angle:
0- 90 degrees: the maximum steep for a ceiling before is considered a wall

Segment replacement:
Use any kind of segment (or none) instead of another.

The Architecture Angle can be shared on any spline in the project, providing all the control you need in a single place.
You dont need to define it multiple times, just select it and is done.

Up to date Scenes:
When you update the values, every Spline in scene using the architecture also gets updated.

Faster iterations:
Now you can tweak your levels super fast, with great control and test it on real time,

Ready for changes:
Traditionally, if you want to change your scene, you end up modifying each piece of scenario one by one.
Using Architecture angles, just select a new architecture and it does all the job in a second.

Terrain2D Architectures

Spline Line Renderer

It will create and/or update a Line Renderer based on any spline.


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