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Extending the Code

Create your own Spline Components:
The class SplineModifierWithCallbacks is a MonoBehavior class. It receives callbacks whenever there is a change in the Spline.

All you need to do in order to start your own Spline inherit from this class.

It contains 2 callbacks:

   - ImmediateCallback()
   - OnUpdateCallback()

Use ImmediateCallback() to set values
and use OnUpdateCallback() when you need to change the scene hierarchy, like adding or deleting gameObjects.

The class grants public access to the spline data:
- point positions
- tangents
- length of spline
- length of each segment
- position in the spline at a given t
- position in the spline at a given length
- and many other settings and calculations useful for any purpose.

Every component in this tool inherits from this class and can also access the information publicly.


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